Broadway Barn – Ripley

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Real luxury isn’t formulaic. The funny thing for me about rare places that are truly luxurious is that they make you relax immediately.  As soon as you enter you can feel your muscles start to relax. Your blood pressure lowers. Any tension or anxiety starts to fade away.  So what is it that makes a place truly luxurious.

We have all stayed a 5-star hotels all over the world that advertise themselves as luxury hotels.  They all have the same design aesthetic. They all have the same features and amenities. They are comfortable, of course, but they are boring, unmarkable & uninspiring.

Mindy’s property in Ripley, Surrey is country luxury. This is one of the most soul-restoring hotels you will ever visit.

Beautiful design from a single artistic mind

There are only 3 rooms in this hotel and two apartments. Everywhere you look – from the public areas to the rooms – you will see thoughtful decoration that goes beyond merely “decorating”. While this is a B&B, the artistic good taste in everything in every room will have you wondering how in the world does someone construct such a beautiful space.

Each room and all the public areas are decorated with different pieces of art and combinations of beautiful old furniture with newer upholstered pieces. The color choices on the walls, the architectural choices made when remodeling this 500 year old barn, the fabrics selected for the curtains and furniture – they also combine so beautifully. In the spaces she creates I feel like I am walking thru a work of art. I know that sounds funny because we are talking about a hotel. But there is something about being in a space that is so artistically put together which is a balm to the soul.

unique furniture in every room
old beams have been preserved in this historic buildings restoration
conservatory looks out on private garden
conservatory looks out on private garden
unique furniture pieces in every room
comfortable beds with great linens
individuality in every room
garden viewed from conservatory

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