Tokyo Fish Market

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It is hard to imagine the scale of the Tokyo Fish Market. After spending hours exploring the market you realize you cannot see it all unless you lived in Tokyo and worked in the market every day. This is a working market, but unlike other ports in the world, it serves everyone. Local seafood wholesalers and international sushi buyers are here. Women shopping for their family dinner and locals coming for a quick lunch on the freshest seafood.

the fish market goes on and on like a maze

The market is most famous for it’s live tuna auction where buyers shop for Japanese and global clients

after catching a large bluefin tuna, a fishing boat will race to shore to get the tuna to Tokyo

Species of seafood you have never seen

As a foreigner who doesn’t speak Japanese (and most locals do not speak English), you can only wonder at what you are seeing at some of the stalls

sea urchin with uni inside next to all types of roe
all different sizes of uni
prawns harvested with live prawns in tanks behind
large pieces of fresh roe

There is chaos in this market as traders mix with chefs, locals and tourists

shoppers come in trucks, vans, scooters, wagons and bicycles
trucks & forklifts move seafood along with ancient hand carts

Restaurants in the market

There are tons of places to eat inside the market. Not just takeaway. There are small sit-down restaurants and counter service of great, really fresh food

fantastic different types of sushi
conveyer belt sushi-go-round
not just seafood. The line at this ramen stall is always quite long

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